What is MicroBoosting?

MicroBoosting is the best way to get tight, healthy, radiant skin.

MicroBoosting combines microneedling technology with realtime serum delivery (through beautypods™). This combination makes MicroBoosting the optimal way to absorb any topical-- both in space (optimal depth) and in time (realtime).

Starting at only 0.25MM needle length, MicroBoosting is painless and safe— making it a superior daily beauty protocol to replace or supplement all others.

Why MicroBoost?

MicroBoosting is a faster, more effective, and more affordable beauty protocol; available to you at-home or on the go.

As numerous scientific studies show, microneedling technology is linked to collagen production and skin rejuvenation. That is why the technique/ technology is prevalent in dermatology offices and high-end spas around the world.

Over the short-term, this leads to tighter, healthier and more radiant skin.

Over the long-term, this prevents wrinkles and restores your skin’s youthful elasticity.

Moreover, the other major and instant benefit of MicroBoosting is getting the most out of your beauty routine and your money. Whether you are using beautypods or your own favorite cosmetics lines, there is evidence of a substantially increased absorption rate by MicroBoosting (some say 100X): making this a necessary part of a maximal beauty routine.

What’s the price?

Our starter kit comes with everything and it’s $50 with a subscription.

The full recommended treatment-- priced out on a recurring basis-- costs only about a $1 a day.

We highly recommend a subscription model so we can conveniently deliver your beautypods to your door each month, so that you get the continuous and growing benefits from MicroBoosting.

What is the protocol for MicroBoosting?

We recommend MicroBoosting once a day, preferably at night. For those new to microneedling or with very sensitive skin, we recommend starting with 3 days per week.

We intentionally went with a minimum depth (.25MM) to make sure MicroBoosting was a painless and easy routine with quick recovery.

However, analogous to using a toothbrush, depending on how you use your model.one, you may have more or less skin sensitivity.

Typically, and when used properly, any minor redness from MicroBoosting should be unnoticeable by morning, and any minor discomfort is only during application.